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Modernize Infrastructure

IT has changed a lot. Companies today have to deal with completely different volumes of data and react much faster to market changes. Even if a long time was invested in own IT systems, it is time for the step towards cloud infrastructure. Global accessibility, better performance, decreasing costs, rapid scaling and improved security are just some of the advantages that a cloud infrastructure brings.

The advantages of the Google Cloud Platform

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Scalability & Efficiency

On-premise infrastructure is far too sluggish for today’s business world. Either you run the risk that your infrastructure can’t handle the load and you have to make time-consuming upgrades, or you pay dearly for unused infrastructure that isn’t even needed. With cloud computing, you have flexible access to Google’s gigantic infrastructure. Does your company no longer need an application or do you need more resources in seasonal business? No problem! With Google Cloud, you accelerate time-to-market and stay flexible at the same time.

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Unless your company is an expert in IT security itself, you can assume that your data is much better protected in the Google Cloud than on your own servers. Google employs huge teams of experts who care about nothing but the security of the Google Cloud. After all, Google also operates its own services on this infrastructure and has a very great inherent interest in ensuring that this infrastructure is and remains absolutely secure – and it is.

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The more distributed your company is, the more you benefit from the availability of a cloud infrastructure. Thanks to the Google Cloud, your employees can access all important applications and data from any location. Are you planning to expand to another country and haven’t set up any infrastructure there yet? With the Google Cloud, that’s no problem! With regard to possible downtimes, you are also better off with the Google Cloud than with your own maintenance-intensive infrastructure.

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Business Intelligence

With the step into the Google Cloud, your company gains access to modern data technologies such as BigQuery, Machine Learning and AI. Your company can much more easily collect and analyze large amounts of data and make it available to all employees in visualized reports. This way, you can make more informed and better business decisions and become a Data Driven Company.

Discover the right solution for your business

Application migration

By migrating applications to the Google Cloud, your organization can avoid expensive update cycles, improve application availability, and more easily integrate additional services.

SAP in the Google Cloud

Work faster, more efficiently, and more reliably in the Google Cloud. Benefit from higher availability, faster execution of queries and analytics reports, and lower long-term operational costs.

VMware as a service

Migrate your VMware environment with just a few clicks and no changes to apps, processes, or tools. Run the VMware workload natively in Google Cloud without refactoring your apps.

Back-up and disaster recovery

A simple step for your business to the cloud. Ensure business continuity with backups and disaster recovery for your VMs and databases.

High Performance Computing

Tackle the most complex computing challenges with a cost-effective, high-performance, and flexible infrastructure to support scalable workloads.

Microsoft and Windows 

The Google Cloud is perfect for Windows workloads. Manage workloads yourself or use services for them. Use images with your own or included license.

Virtual desktops

Providing secure access to IT resources in the face of increased demand for remote work is a challenge. Virtual desktops provide a secure and scalable solution for this.

Bare Metal Solution

Moving specialized workloads to the cloud, allows your business to incorporate various Google cloud services with minimal latency.

Data Center Migration

Choose the path to the cloud that’s right for your business: you can migrate applications via lift-and-shift, make customizations to them, or use them in a hybrid environment.

We guide you into the cloud

Google Cloud Platform can help you and your business in many ways.

Whether you want to take your first steps and experiment with the Google Cloud, master a specific challenge or drive and master the complete transformation in your company.

We support you with our know-how:

Cloud Consulting

Together we will find the best solution for you

Technical support

We ensure smooth migration, setup and deployment

Administration and management

We support your company with the management of your account and the billing process

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