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Google Workspace is a set of cloud-based office applications and includes everything you need for fast communication and direct collaboration in your company. All tools can be used and administered optimally and securely both in the office and in the home office.

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Exchange information with colleagues and external parties via e-mail, chat and video meetings.

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Collaborate with colleagues on documents in real time from anywhere.

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Store & Manage

Store, find and manage all documents, information and users.

Icons der Kommunikationstools von Google Workspace

Quick Decisions

With Google’s Gmail, Calendar, Chat, and Meet tools working hand-in-hand, long communication channels are a thing of the past.

Keep the email flood under control at all times thanks to labels, filters, preview windows, and other useful features like scheduling and deferring mail with Gmail.

Stop wasting time with annoying appointment scheduling. With Google Calendar, you can see at a glance when there are free slots with colleagues and book a room or video conference with them directly.

Quickly coordinate with colleagues via chat, just like you would in your private life – only within the company and in a secure environment.

Do your video conferences always end in chaos because no one knows how to use the software and hardware? With Meet, all you need is a browser and two clicks. No software download, no setup, no stress!

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Reaching the Goal Together

In today’s world, it is important to be able to work from anywhere. This applies not only to the CEO, but also to employees in home office or on a business trip.

With modern Google tools you can access all the documents you need for your daily work, such as texts, spreadsheets, presentations, forms and many more.

Forget about inefficiently mailing static Word or Excel files back and forth. Instead, collaborate directly in Google documents with colleagues and externals.

Thanks to automatic saving and version history, you’ll never lose anything ever again.

Icons der Tools zum Speichern, Finden und Administrieren von Google Workspace

Secure Access from Anywhere

Do you need the latest figures of a report, but they are stuck on your colleague’s computer who is unfortunately ill? Darn. With Google Drive, instances like this are a thing of the past. Create team repositories and automatically synchronize documents and files.

Whether you’re on the go with your smartphone, tablet or notebook, or your PC in the office. You have access to all necessary information at any time and you can share it securely, e.g. with expiration dates, even with external parties.

Thanks to the intelligent cloud search, you always have the right information at your fingertips, regardless of whether it is hidden in your mails, documents or the clipboard.

As an administrator, you can manage all important settings just as easily and securely in a clear dashboard through the admin console. 

Define security and policy settings, and manage devices and users with just a few clicks. 

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Economic impact for
Your company

Google Workspace is designed to help companies increase employee productivity and work more efficiently as a team. But is the result measurable? What concrete added value do the business tools bring?


ROI through Google Workspace

Saved working hours per user/year (approx.20 days)


Reduced risk of data breaches


Increase in revenue through Google Workspace

*Results of a study by the market research institute Forrester Research based on a model company with 800 employees and $120 million in annual sales.

Effects of Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 in comparison

Google Workspace can be used to establish a corporate culture in all industries in which smooth collaboration is a matter of course. According to the study commissioned by Google from Quadrant Strategies, users benefit from Google Workspace in many ways at work.

  • Google Workspace 95% 95%
  • Microsoft 365 84% 84%

Of all users are able to work on a document with several people without any problems.

  • Google Workspace 48% 48%
  • Microsoft 365 38% 38%

Of all users believe that the communication tools enable efficient team meetings.

  • Google Workspace 75% 75%
  • Microsoft 365 55% 55%

Of all users find that their team has become more innovative since the introduction of the Office solution.

  • Google Workspace 39% 39%
  • Microsoft 365 24% 24%

Of all users rate the productivity in their team as very productive.

* Results of a study by Quadrant Strategies. The study is based on a survey of 750 screen employees in four countries in October 2019.

Studies on the economic impact of Google Workspace

Download free studies on the economic impact Google Workspace has on businesses.

You will receive two studies:


The Total Economic Impact™ Of Google Workspace

Google Workspace, as a modern and cloud-based office solution, has a direct impact on the daily work of almost all employees. Find out how the use of the solution affects companies economically in this study by Forrester.


Google Workspace vs. O365 Impact on Business

Google Workspace and Microsoft Office 365 are both modern office solutions. In this Quadrant Strategies study, learn how the use of the productivity suites differs in a head-to-head comparison.

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