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Your path to the Data Driven Company

Would you want to climb Mount Everest without a map, weather report and information on the best equipment? No? That’s how teams in your company feel when they don’t have easy access to relevant data and still want to achieve their set goals. Whether it’s building the best product for your customers, providing the best services, or getting a foothold in a new market and growing.

Why your data is better off in the Google Cloud

Data silos prevent you from gaining insights

Technical barriers in your systems mean your company misses out on opportunities and your employees often make decisions based on gut instinct.

Your on-prem infrastructure does not scale enough

The days of running large data operations overnight are over. Your on-premise infrastructure must be able to flexibly respond and scale to customer demand in real time.

Managing your infrastructure is expensive

Your on-premise systems tie up employees who have to take care of operation and monitoring as well as organize the purchase of new hardware and licenses when changes occur.

Your data analyses are complicated and slow

Data analysis is time-consuming and requires expert knowledge.  Your teams shy away from the effort or work with one-off analyses that do not reflect changes in the market.

The strengths of the Google Data Cloud


Data should help to move your company forward faster and better instead of slowing down areas. For this purpose, the data architecture allows the flexible connection of additional sources and scales up and down with the amount of data.


Data, regardless of the original source, is easily viewable by different teams and employees so they can make decisions based on it and respond quickly to changes.


The use of intelligent features like AI/ML and self-service analytics save your organization a lot of time and effort in analyzing BigData, and give you whole new ways to spot trends that would have otherwise remained hidden.


Your company and your teams get the flexibility to quickly develop what is needed without fear of long-term or expensive vendor lock-in. Interoperability and portability are guaranteed.


One of the most important goals is that you can trust your data for content, but also that you can trust the security of your data. Security features already ensure compliance, redundancy and reliability by default.

Data management with the right tools is not magic


Lower total cost of ownership than cloud data warehouse alternatives


BigQuery is a serverless, highly scalable and cost-effective multi-cloud data warehouse designed specifically for business agility.


Lower total cost of ownership compared to local databases

Cloud Spanner

Fully managed relational database with unlimited scaling, strict consistency and up to 99.999% availability


Increased employee productivity through self-service analytics


An enterprise platform for business intelligence, data applications and embedded analytics


Fewer lines of code needed to create custom models

Vertex AI

Build, deploy, and scale ML models faster with pre-trained and custom tools on an AI platform

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We support you

Targeted cloud consulting

Together with you, we check your challenges and requirements and then evaluate solution scenarios that make sense for your company.

Technical implementation

We are happy to actively help you with the technical implementation of your project and support you in setting up your cloud architecture.

Start-up budget

Through us as a Google Partner, you will receive at least $300 as a starting credit with which you can start in the Google Cloud and get to know and use all tools to the full extent.