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The Future of Data

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11. September 2023 | 14 - 20 o'clock| Google Berlin

Meet experts, practitioners and industry leaders at the Google Office in Berlin for a direct exchange on the latest opportunities in AI, data analytics and business intelligence. Learn and discuss how you can use data in your business to make better decisions, conquer new markets and better reach your target audience.

With a focus on concrete implementation examples, emerging developments and innovative solutions, this event offers a unique opportunity to build and expand your expertise around data, network and connect with the data community.

The goal is to make data a sustainable part of your business.

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Quick Info

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11. September 2023
14:00 till 20:00 o’clock

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Google Berlin
Tucholskystraße 2
10117 Berlin

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Data Scientists
and Data Analysts

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Insights around the use and processing of data. Direct exchange with experts and other companies.


14:00 Uhr

If you like, come already at 14:00 o’clock to a common lunch in the Google Office.

15:00 Uhr
Check in & Welcome

We will officially welcome you and all other participants and introduce ourselves, the Google experts and the further course of events.

15:15 Uhr
Future of Data:
Potential for success for the companies of tomorrow

We will show ways in which companies can increase their success through data-based approaches. Practical examples, challenges and solution approaches around the strategic use of data and the role of artificial intelligence will be presented. The goal is to give you exciting impulses for a data-oriented corporate culture and to make your company fit for the future.

16:00 Uhr
Looker for Business Users:
Data-based decisions made easy

Learn how Looker enables your organization’s employees to easily use complex data to make informed decisions. Dive into practical use cases and learn how Looker can help you succeed in a data-driven world.

16:00 Uhr
Looker for developers:
Taking data visualization and analysis to a whole new level

Looker enables data visualization and analysis on a whole new level. Experience the simplicity and flexibility of LookML, the language behind Looker, which allows you to create customized data models and dashboards. Learn how to efficiently manage complex data and develop interactive reports that delight your users.

16:45 Uhr
Short break and networking

Take a short breath and connect with the other participants and experts on site.

17:15 Uhr
GenAI with Google:
How generative AI is changing the way you work

Learn about Google’s leading GenAI technologies and get excited about the possibilities GenAI holds for you and your business. Learn how this disruptive technology will have a lasting impact on our lives and our society.

18:00 Uhr
Networking & Food

We let the event end in a relaxed way and discuss together over delicious drinks and food about the topics and questions that are on your mind.

20:00 Uhr



Does it cost anything to attend?

No! The event is free for you.

However, we cannot automatically guarantee your participation due to limited capacity.

Can I participate remotely?

For a better and easier exchange, the event will take place exclusively on-site at the Google Office. However, we are planning another event towards the end of the year in Frankfurt.

Is the event also worthwhile for me if our company currently uses Microsoft or Amazon tools?

We say yes! On the one hand, it costs you nothing except a little time to think outside the box and at least evaluate for yourself whether Google solutions are a better fit for your company. On the other hand, Google Cloud Services can also complement Microsoft or AWS environments wonderfully.

Code of Conduct

We want our participants to have a harassment-free event experience, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, disability, appearance, body type, ethnicity, or religious affiliation (or lack thereof). We do not tolerate harassment of participants* of any kind. Sexualized language and depictions are unwelcome at our events. This includes the venue, lectures, workshops and fetes, as well as Twitter and other media. Participants who violate these rules will be subject to sanctions by the event staff, including expulsion from the event, even without the right to a refund of any entrance fee that may be due.

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How to get there

Arrival by car

Parking spaces are available in the Friedrichstadt Palast multi-storey parking lot.
Parking garage address for the navigation system: Friedrichstraße 134-136, 10117 Berlin

Arrival by public transport

From Berlin’s main train station, take the S3, S5 or S7 and get off at Berlin Friedrichstraße. From there it is only a short walk.

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