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Advantages of cooperation

Why you can only profit from Seibert Media

Theoretically, you can also obtain Google Workspace, Google Cloud, Google Voice or Chrome Enterprise directly from Google. However, we will show you below why working with Seibert Media as a Google partner makes much more sense for you and why you do not have to fear any disadvantages such as higher costs.

Isn’t the detour via a Google partner more expensive?

No, on the contrary!

Of course, as a Google partner, we do not work for free and want to earn something. But this works without any additional costs for you as a customer. Google wants to focus on product development itself and has therefore introduced a partner model.


How does the partner model work? 

Google wants to leave the cooperation with the customers as far as possible to its partners, who can be much closer to the customer than Google itself could be. The partners have to demonstrate expertise in Google products and then provide a wide range of services for Google. In return, Google grants us as partners a margin and, depending on the customer order volume, additional special conditions, which we then pass on to you as a customer. This means that our margin does not come on top of Google’s list price for your company, but Google only gives us something of its cake. In return, we take care of all services and Google can concentrate on the development of the products.

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How you benefit from working with us as a Google partner

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Detailed consultation and test

We take time for you. Together we discuss which licenses and tariff options make the most sense for your plans. This applies not only to the direct Google products, but also to possible extensions to map your specific processes.

Furthermore, we can set up a test environment for you free of charge. The test period is twice as long as via Google directly and can also be extended by us in special cases.

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Quantity discount

Depending on the volume and term, we can offer you attractive discounts. For example, the longer you commit to Google Workspace licenses, the higher discounts we can offer you. But even in the Flex tariff, you at least never have higher costs through us than would be the case if you purchased through Google directly.

Unlike Google, we also notify you in advance of any changes you can benefit from and always find the best deal for you.

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German bill

The purchase on account is still in Germany, the most popular payment method among companies. Google itself only offers you credit card billing for direct purchases. From us you will receive a normal German invoice, with which your accounting department can work wonderfully.

You also have the choice between monthly or annual billing.

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Direct Support

Google support is known for fast and competent assistance. However, you always have to describe errors and problems yourself and often have to reproduce them at great expense in order to receive support.

The //SEIBERT/MEDIA support, on the other hand, is direct. In the event of a problem, our experts can dial into your application together with you via video call and identify and rectify problems directly in the system. This is what we call hands-on support.

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Project support

If you are about to introduce Google Workspace for the first time in your company or in subsidiaries, we would be happy to help you with our experience so that the introduction is a complete success.

From planning, to change management, to technical implementation, we can help you in exactly the places where you need help.

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Trainings and updates

Optimal handling of the tools is important for the acceptance and efficiency of software solutions. That’s why we offer you a wide range of training courses, from on-site training, to train-the-trainer courses, to our cost-effective online training courses.

Besides, you can always keep up to date with your Google tools with our tutorial videos, informative blog articles and the newsletter.